The Three Instincts (Subtypes) Workshop

Using the Enneagram to Create Balance in Your Life and Harmony in Your Relationships
Friday, April 7, 2017 - Sunday, April 9, 2017

Friday Evening 6pm - 9pm; Saturday & Sunday 9:30am – 6:30pm

Boulder Center for Conscious Community (BC3)
1637 28th Street, Buffalo Shopping Ctr, between Canyon and Arapahoe.
Boulder, CO
United States

Our Instinctual Nature is extremely deep-rooted and arguably the most powerful biological force driving our habitual behavior and lifestyle choices.   It is the bedrock of our orientation to day-to-day reality. Our basic instincts are often ignored or treated as inherent problems -- distortions to be eliminated on the spiritual path. Yet without a clear and viable relationship with this vital aspect of our being, it is difficult to maintain an integrated approach to inner development.

The Enneagram deals very directly with this aspect of the Self through teachings about the Three Instincts ~ Self-Preservation, Sexual /Attraction, and Social /Adaptation.  In recent years, students of the Enneagram have discovered the tremendous power of recognizing how their instinctual bias operates in combination with their dominant Enneagram type.  Learning how our personality type plays itself out through our Dominant Instinct can be as exciting and life altering as first learning about the Enneagram.

In this Workshop we will first clarify and deepen our understanding of the Instincts, seeing how they work in the natural world and in our personal experience.  We will then examine how our particular "Instinctual Stack" -- the way we prioritize our basic human needs and values -- keeps us locked in the repetitive habits of our personality.  One of the quickest ways to unlock the Passion and Fixation of our Enneagram type is to understand and work on the imbalance in our instinctual behavior. 

This workshop will combine lecture, experiential work, film and music to help us recognize the many ways these instinctual patterns express themselves in our lives.  We will also explore concrete ways to bring greater balance and awareness to our instinctual life.

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"Don't miss this one! The Instincts Workshop is an absolute must for any serious student of the Enneagram...for any serious student of life, for that matter.”

"The Instincts Workshop was profound. The structured format in which it was presented with concrete descriptions and exercises that helped integrate the material made it one of the best I have attended. This material is literally some of the most practical and useful in all of the Enneagram work—you could start applying it immediately in your personal and professional life. I was blown away by the profound truth that was presented in such a logical, useful, and understandable way. YEAH!"

"This Workshop invites us to consider the journey into the body as an opportunity, not a challenge, to see and embrace our Instincts as always present and central to what makes us human. It invites us to see and relax into our instinctual nature. It provides a rich and powerful teaching on finding compassion for ourselves and others as we also see the suffering that keeps us attached to our ego projects. Needless to say, I recommend this Workshop.

"Gayle is so lovely and compelling, both in her style and in her incredible grasp of this fascinating Enneagram work.  She has a way of teaching that causes immediate shifts and insights into my life, my relationships, and my work.  I am truly grateful for her."

Gayle Scott, Director, The Enneagram Institute of Colorado