The Enneagram Institute Part I Training: The Anatomy of Personality

A seven-day residential immersion program taught by Gayle Scott and Faculty of the Enneagram Institute
Monday, April 13, 2015 - Saturday, November 21, 2015


2015 Dates and Locations:

April 13-19: The Guest House, Chester, Connecticut

July 22-28: Mercy Retreat Center, Burlington, CA (Preceeding the IEA Conference, San Francisco)

October 29 - November 4: Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado

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Chester, CT; San Francisco, CA; Loveland, CO
United States
Gayle Scott

Part I is an in-depth presentation of the Enneagram as a psycho-spiritual system. It features complete descriptions of the types as well as specifics for identifying them. The Training combines grounded, intellectual understanding with a variety of experiential approaches that give participants a clear feel for the inner world of each type. Further, we employ the comprehensive framework of the Levels of Development to add depth and richness to our discussions. The Levels are essential because they account for differences between individuals of the same type, discriminate between similar types, and help clarify the many irregularities and subtleties of each type-thus making wide-ranging practical applications and personal growth possible.

For each personality type, topics covered include: The Nine Levels of  Development;The Passions and Fixations; The Higher Essential Qualities; Early Childhood Developmental Issues; Paths of Integration and Disintegration, Stress & Security; Experiential Exercises & Guided Sittings; Interactive Type Panels, Type Exemplars, Art, Poetry, and Music. 


Enneagram SymbolEnneagram Symbol

"What a week! This was unquestionably the most valuable program I have attended in the past decade. The volume and quality of pure information, combined with interactive, experiential learning and focused inner work added up to a powerful experience. Their understanding, dedication, and passion invigorated the group while creating a safe and clear space for deep and focused individual work. As a management consultant, I now have the information and tools to integrate the Enneagram into my work."                 ~ Barry Keesan, M.B.A.

"Gayle's greatest gift is the way she creates and holds a space that envelops the whole group in love, and gifts an unspoken permission for each of us to open fully to receive and to offer that love to each other. Gayle is a beautiful example of a Type 1 and by making the Types come alive, she encourages us to aspire to understand ourselves, our behaviour patterns and the rest!"   ~ John Huxtable, Interfaith Minister & Maureen Huxtable, Educational Therapist, Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks, UK

Gayle has an exhaustive knowledge of the Enneagram material, but more impressive than her ability to teach the academic portions is her ability to convey her comprehension of the deeper aspects of the Enneagram.  When I think of Gayle's presentation style, the word ‘grace’ comes to mind, as she presents herself and the material with an apparent effortless, flowing style in which her genuine concern for others clearly comes across.  She has a delightful sense of humor and there is always a smiling twinkle in her eye.  I feel privileged to have been taught by a woman who lives what she teaches.                    ~ Debbie Polley, Salem, Oregon.

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