Chocolate for the Soul

Reprinted from Radical Grace, Vol.20, No. 1
January-February-March 2007
A Publication of the Center for Action and Contemplation
CAC Founder, Richard Rohr, OFM


The 2000 film Chocolat, a comic fable adapted from a novel by Joanne Harris, tells the story of sweet spiritual awakening in a quiet village in the French countryside in 1959.

The imperious village mayor, Comte de Reynaud, is a pious and principled man, wonderfully played by Alfred Molina. "The Comte was a student of history [who] trusted the wisdom of generations past. Like his ancestors, he watched over the little village and led by his own example. Hard work, modesty and self-discipline."

The Comte is a classic Type One Enneagram character - variously known as the Teacher, the Crusader, the Moralist, the Perfectionist. Ones are generally principled, purposeful and self-controlled. The Comte de Reynaud is a man on a mission to protect and maintain the virtue and morality of his village. Being fixated in his egoic Enneagram trance, however, he has a burdensome sense of personal responsibility and obligation, feels it is his job to correct and improve every stray situation and wayward soul in his jurisdiction, and is inclined toward impatience and intolerance when it comes to matters of human frailty. Read the full article »