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Gayle Scott discovered the Enneagram in 1989 and began her professional Enneagram training with Don Riso and Russ Hudson in 1993. She began her teacher training in 2000 and is now Senior Faculty of the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Institute. She consults and teaches Riso-Hudson Enneagram Trainings, Workshops, Master Classes and Teacher Certification courses across the U.S and around the world.

Gayle is a Certified New Ventures West Integral Life Coach. Her work with clients combines the depth and breadth of the Enneagram with the richness of the Integral Coaching system.

Gayle is also a veteran of Hollywood film and television production with over 20 years' experience in all aspects of production, having worked extensively in Europe, Africa, Australia, Canada and the U.S. In the mid '90's, her work with actors and writers inspired her to combine her professional expertise with her passion for the Enneagram.

She began employing the Enneagram as a tool for psychological character development in film acting and script development, leading to her pioneering specialty of Enneagram Consultant to Actors and Screenwriters. Her clientele has included many well-known actors, opera singers, writers and directors.

A founding Board Member of the Southern California chapter of the International Enneagram Association, and former Director of the Enneagram Institute of Los Angeles, Gayle relocated to Boulder, Colorado, in 2002 to pursue her ongoing psycho-spiritual studies in the Ridhwan/ Diamond Approach School.

She has taught at Naropa University School of Extended Studies in Boulder. She served on the IEA Global Board of Directors from 2005 to 2010.  She was the Director of the 2005 and 2010 IEA Global Enneagram Conferences.


"Gayle is a Master and a living example and role model for what it means to do the Work. Beyond her undisputed deep knowledge of the material itself, Gayle creates an environment for her students to totally flourish as human beings."  ~  Debora Esajian, LaJolla, CA

"Gayle has an amazing presence. She created a wonderful group dynamic for all the participants. Compassionate and caring, Gayle brings her wholeness for everyone to benefit from. Thank you, Gayle!"        ~ Harish Davda, OD Trainer and Coach, Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

"Gayle brings a delightful range of gifts to her teaching, including depth in multiple wisdom traditions, research connecting neuroscience to personality, and stimulating explorations of types as they show up in public figures and film. Gayle clearly models the work and makes the Enneagram come alive in many rich and meaningful ways for students."  ~ Cindy Marteney, Executive Leadership Coach, Founder, Marteney Group

"Gayle occurs as an egoless coach and mentor. Her mastery and embodiment of the material is evident. Her calm presence provides a safe place for exploration."  ~ Kerry Ford, Physician

"I have attended both Part I and Part III training through the Enneagram Institute taught jointly by Russ Hudson and Gayle Scott. Gayle has an exhaustive knowledge of the Enneagram material, but more impressive than her ability to teach the academic portions of the topics is her ability to convey her comprehension of the deeper aspects of the Enneagram."

"When I think of Gayle's presentation style, the word 'grace' comes to mind as she presents herself and the material with an apparent effortless, flowing style in which her genuine concern for others clearly comes across."

"She has a delightful sense of humor and there is always a smiling twinkle in her eye. I feel privileged to have been taught by a woman who lives what she teaches."  ~ Debbie Polley, Austin, Texas

“Gayle's greatest gift is the way she creates and holds a space that envelops the whole group in love and gifts an unspoken permission for each of us to open fully to receive and to offer that love to each other.    ~ John Huxtable, Interfaith Minister

Gayle is a beautiful example of her own personality type, and by making the types come alive, she encourages us to aspire to understand ourselves, our behaviour patterns and the rest! ~Maureen Huxtable, Educational Therapist, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, UK

"Gayle is so lovely and compelling, both in her style and in her incredible grasp of this fascinating Enneagram work.  She has a way of teaching that causes immediate shifts and insights into my life, my relationships, and my work.  I am truly grateful for her."  ~ Francesca Painter, Executive Coach, FKP Coaching

"I am so grateful for Gayle and her work. She has helped me to see the bigger picture with more heart. Her work has provided insight, clarity, and truth. She has helped me get beyond judgment to a place of compassion, acceptance, and peace with myself and others. What a gift!"  ~ Lori Y., Durango, CO