Why the Enneagram?

Since 1989 I have been studying and working with the sacred psychology of the Enneagram as an essential resource for understanding human behavior and motivation, enhancing relationships, and realizing spiritual potential. I hold it as one of the most profound and powerful tools for self-knowledge and personal development available in the world today.

Snug in our comfortable personality and habitual ego fixations, we find it extremely challenging to move beyond the limiting beliefs and barriers of our early conditioning and entrenched self-images. But how else can we discover the Essence of who we really are and what we're capable of? When we examine and apply the wisdom of the Enneagram with intelligence and compassion, we come unstuck -- our world opens up to astonishing new dimensions of freedom, opportunity, and growth.

Where Do I Begin?

Although we each have all nine Enneagram types within us, each person comes into this world imprinted with, or 'hard-wired' for his or her particular dominant personality type. Within the spectrum of each of the nine types, there is a vast and dynamic range of possibilities and potential for maturation and growth.

Identifying and learning about our personality type is truly a profoundly illuminating experience. It is a major step toward liberating ourselves from our habitual mental trances and stale patterns of behavior that no longer serve us.

To begin the process of identifying your Enneagram personality style, click on the numbers in the symbol below and learn about the nine different types. Click on "Discover Your Type" to take the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator  (RHETI) online personality test.

And so the journey begins....

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